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Meeker Middle School

4402 Nassau Ave. NE, Tacoma, WA 98422

For years, residents of what is now known as Northeast Tacoma had clamored for a junior high school in their area. They were tired of their children having to make the long journey across Commencement Bay to attend Jason Lee, and in 1958 their requests were answered. Meeker Junior High School, now a middle school, gave them a local alternative.

In 1991, a new building was constructed for Meeker, but to keep up with initial growth afterward, the Tacoma Public Schools decided to expand the school.

A two-story classroom addition, containing six general classrooms and two science rooms, eliminated the need for portable classrooms. Meanwhile, a separate gymnasium addition facilitates various community functions as well as accommodating the school’s athletic programs. 

The architecture of the additions sprung from the character and organization of the existing school, allowing the expanded facility to blend a single building, while their placement created a new student entry plaza and an accessible public entrance to the new gymnasium.

Construction was completed in September 2002.


 Project Stats


​Bond issue: 2001
Square footage:​ ​103,588
Area:​ ​40 acres
​Capacity: ​660
​Cost: ​$5,366,854
​Scope: ​Added two new classrooms and gymnasium
​Project supervisor: ​Tom Martin, Tacoma Public Schools
Completion date:​ September 2002
​Architect: ​DLR Group
​Contractor: ​Bailey-Berg Construction Company