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The Budget department oversees compilation and administration of the district's General Fund budget.  The department provides budget assistance and support; comprehensive revenue and expenditure analysis; staffing and enrollment analysis; and levy, bond and debt calculations and analysis.  Additionally, position control is maintained by the Budget department by creating positions and validating the availability of full-time equivalent (FTE) employees. 


 Annual Budget Report


 2014-2015 budget preparation


 2013-2014 budget preparation


 2012-2013 Budget Preparation


 Budget Summaries and Charts

The following are break-outs of the district's fiscal year general fund budget by program, object, activity and related materials for the fiscal years listed below.

 Carryover Formula

The district allows for unexpended budget funds to be carried over into the following fiscal year in some circumstances.  A general rule will limit the amount of carryover to 10% of your total years' budget plus any receipt of funds (e.g., donated funds, field trip funds).  Qualifying programs or BRC's can use the following formats to evaluate their potential carryover.

 F-195 Budget Document

The F-195 is the official school district budget document and is required to be filed with the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) on an annual basis.  The budget includes estimated revenues, estimated expenditures, and estimated fund balances for each fund for prior year actual expenditures and the current and prior years' budgets.  The F-195 also includes total salary amounts, full-time equivalents and non-employee related expenses by object and activity for each program as well as levy information.

 I-728 Student Achievement

Initiative I-728 is an allocation used to help students reach new state learning standards.  Under I-728, school districts are authorized to use funds to reduce class size; provide extended learning opportunities; provide additional professional development for educators; provide early assistance for children who need pre-kindergarten support; and provide building improvements related to class-size reductions.

 Other Budget Information


 Power Plan


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