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Tacoma's award-winning Innovative Schools

Innovative choices? Tacoma kids have it.

We recognize that every student is an individual with a unique learning style, personality and talent. That’s why we are committed to providing learning environments that fit every student. Students in Tacoma Public Schools have their pick of more innovative options for their education than any other district in the state.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

baker_06.jpgDiverse programs across Tacoma

From school to school you will find diverse programs that connect students to their passions and keep them engaged in learning. Tacoma Public Schools designates 16 schools as “Innovative Schools” for infusing a unique learning environment into the total school experience, with our seventeenth and eighteenth schools set to open next fall. 

School Grade Levels​ Innovative Curriculum​
Boze Elementary​ ​PreK - 5 ​STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Math)
Geiger Montessori PreK - 5 ​Montessori educational model
Grant Center for Expressive Arts ​PreK - 5 ​Art-infused curriculum
McCarver Elementary​ ​PreK - 5 ​International Baccalaureate primary years
​Stafford Elementary ​PreK - 5 ​Art-infused curriculum
​​Sherman Elementary​ ​K - 5 ​STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Math)
​Bryant Montessori ​PreK - 8 ​Montessori educational model
Whittier Primary and Wainwright Intermediate ​PreK - 3            and 4-8 ​In the consideration  phase of International Baccalaureate primary and middle years. (Wainwright under construction, opening 2016-2017 school year.)
Baker Middle School​ ​6 - 8 ​National Board certified teachers (working toward)
First Creek Middle School​ ​6 - 8 ​Wrap-around social services onsite
​Giaudrone Middle School ​6 - 8 ​International Baccalaureate middle years
Meeker Middle School ​6 - 8 ​STEM (science, technology, engineering and math)
Foss IB World School​ ​9 - 12 ​International Baccalaureate diploma program
Lincoln High School ​9 - 12 ​Extended day and wrap-around services onsite
iDEA (Industrial Design Engineering and Art)​  9-12 Industrial design, engineering and art-infused curriculum. (Opening 2016-2017 school year.)
​SAMI (Science and Math Institute) ​9 - 12 ​Environmental sciences and mathematics  focus
​SOTA (School of the Arts) ​9 - 12 ​Art-infused curriculum


Middleschool_Transition.jpgDesignated innovation zone

In 2012, State Superintendent Randy Dorn named Tacoma Public Schools as the state’s first-ever and only district-wide Innovation Zone for education. In the first two years of the state’s effort to identify the most innovative schools, 11 of the 33 schools statewide to earn the innovative designation are in Tacoma Public Schools.


Middleschool_Transition.jpgAnnual innovative proposal process

The Tacoma School Board isn’t done innovating. Annually the Board reviews our portfolio of innovative schools to ensure we offer a variety of opportunities that fit our students’ and community’s needs. We continue to partner with the community and find new ways to connect our students to their interests and help them achieve their dreams. Learn more about the process.


Middleschool_Transition.jpgOpen enrollment

Tacoma Public Schools has an open enrollment policy throughout the district that allows parents to choose the school they think best fits the needs of their children and family. This policy applies to all schools. To learn more visit Enrollment and Choice Services.