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Science and Math Institute

The Science and Math Institute is built around a particular vision: we believe that students make the most of their learning when they take ownership of their education—when students intentionally choose to take on the challenge real learning entails. We further believe that this ownership most naturally develops within a learning community, encouraged by others who share that commitment. It is that simple. Creating such a learning community is not simplistic. Our foundational commitments to community, empathy, thinking and balance shape our program. While much of American schooling tends to compartmentalize and overspecialize, we are committed to integration—we want students to see their learning, their world and their lives as a whole. Thus, we seek to help students make connections within academic disciplines, between the sciences and the arts, between their lives now and their lives as they enter the larger global community in very few years. With this holistic vision firmly in mind, we also believe students deserve the opportunity to go deep—to develop and pursue a particular passion at increasingly greater depth, guided by mentors in our community who can encourage excellence. Through the support of SAMI’s sister schools, the SOTA partners and local community members, the Adjunct Artist & Scientist Program adds a vital and authentic dimension to SAMI’s curriculum. This program brings professionals to work with students in SAMI’s classrooms. Adjunct artists & scientists share their talent, expertise and experience; students benefit from personal contact with dedicated professionals in intensive small classes.

SAMI is one of 12 schools in Tacoma and 33 state-wide to earn the Innovative School designation. Find out what makes SAMI innovative.


 School Information

Address 5501 N. Pearl St.
Tacoma, WA 98407
Phone 253-571-2300
Fax 253-571-2310

 School Map

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Jon Ketler
Jon Ketler


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